Healing Garden Events

All the events sponsored by Patio Records are geared towards raising funds to build healing gardens at hospital treatment centers. The performers in all the shows are first-class musicians, and also like-minded in spirit towards the goal of creating healing gardens.

Patio Records has sponsored 44 healing garden concerts since 1997

Most Recent: Kelly Hill - CD Release Party

9:00 PM Nov 9, 2017
Waltham, Massachusetts

Kelly Hill will be releasing her "Shared Path: CD at "Jake and Joes" in Waltham. 

Earlier this year, Kelly flew to Nashville to record her album at the famous Sound Emporium studio (where folks like Elton John, U2, Shania Twain, and many others recorded).

Featuring an A-list of session and touring musicians, the album was magnificently produced by Scott Neubert (who happens to currently be Crystal Gayle's guitarist on tour).

Come see Kelly unveil her album to a fun crown of friends and fans.


Opening for Kelly will be the Adam Sickler duo (featuring Kevin Burke along with Adam).





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